What is an Intuitive Empath?

Well first, let’s look at how I am describing an empath… an empath is someone who is so sensitive and aware of the world around them that they can feel the emotions of others around them. As an empath, you are highly sensitive to energies and vibrations, and may have difficulty distinguishing other’s emotions from your own. For many of my empaths, boundaries are an issue, because they are constantly feeling other’s pain and emotion.

An Intuitive is someone that has knowledge that they can’t necessarily explain. This knowledge comes from hunches, knowings, dreams, de'ja vu, impressions, feeling others energies, dreams and synchronicities. Some intuitives have clairsenses…being able to see, hear, feel, sense, or touch things and then “know” or understand things in a deep way that they can’t explain to others. Not all intuitive are empaths. Not all empaths are intuitive.

So what is an intuitive empath?

Intuitive Empaths are highly sensitive people that can perceive subtle changes in energy, in themselves, others and their environment. Sometimes, intuitive empaths feel things so deeply, that they can’t tell who the emotions belong to…them or someone they are near. Sometimes they have such intense dreams that they wake up not knowing if it was real, a promonition, or just a dream. Intuitive empaths may have deeply spiritual and intuitive experiences…such as heigtened awareness, premonitions, dream messages, or waking visions that “tell” the future. Often times intuitive empaths need help to learn how to deal with this unique nature of theirs so that they don’t get overwhelmed or experience compassion fatigue.