Feeling like a Misfit?


Feel like you march to your own beat?

Ever felt like you don’t quite fit in with the norm…like you are way more aware of the world than the majority of people? Some might consider it intensity, others just weird. The thing is you are definitely feeling and seeing the world through a different set of lenses. Your vibration is outside the “norm”. (You totally feel the Christmas movie Island of Misfit Toys! ) Let’s face it, being different is not easy, and often times can feel like a painful lonely journey. However, the likelihood is that you are a creative, a mystic, a visionary, a change agent. Your calling is not an easy one, and can often feel overwhelming but the reality is, you can’t be someone you are not. The truth is, even when you have tried to fit in, you still stick out because it isn’t about the clothes, the hair or the appearance, it is because of WHO you are.  

Embracing who you are, and accepting that you will never "be like other people” can bring on intense grief. Let’s face it, just because you are different, doesn’t mean that you don’t want to connect, find your tribe, or feel a part of your community. However, as you mourn “normalcy” (you know, that feeling of being like everyone else), you may also have a feeling of solace, knowing that you can stop trying to to be who you are not, you can be let go of what other’s think, and begin living a lighter, happier life.