Online Therapy

I am so excited that the way I can offer services to my people has grown! Online therapy has opened up ways for me to connect with people that I would not have had a chance to before. So how does online therapy work? Well pretty much the same way that in-person therapy does, except that I will be talking to you on phone or via a HIPPA compliant video platform from the comfort of your home, office, car…or any other place that you choose that is confidential. You have to be in the state of Florida…because “the man” says I can’t see you unless you live there :) .

Why online therapy?


  • have limited time, but want to grow as a person.

  • want to be able to use your lunch break instead of having to take time off work.

  • don’t want to have to get a sitter to “do therapy” and can have kiddos engaged in an activity while you do self care

  • live in a different part of Florida, but really would like to work with me

  • travel for work, so scheduling is a pain, it would be so much easier to be able to do it while traveling

  • want to be discreet about talking to someone

  • would just prefer to be in your own space, and don’t have to leave, so why not?

Is it effective?

According to Science Daily, a May 2016 study done by the University of Pittsburgh Health and Sciences, it is just as effective, if not more so in the treatment of anxiety and depression than face to face sessions. *

Still not sure?

Why not schedule a 15 free consultation and see how it feels? I’m game if you are!

*Link to study: