Seeking a Qualified Supervisor?


My Story:

I graduated in 2002, and right after graduation, I went… OH CRAP…. I think I made a mistake. I picked the wrong field! I was starting to work one on one with my clients, and I felt like maybe I was an imposter, maybe I could not really help them. I was fortunate enough to have tapped into some really experienced women who helped me through my mini-crisis and assured me that I had not completely messed up.

But….getting started was hard. As a highly sensitive therapist, with a non-sensitive supervisor, there were questions I was afraid to ask…and quite frankly, I did not always trust my supervisor. My own anxiety kicked in, and I needed help! So, I had to seek out other therapists to help guide me, ones that were more sensitive, and who understood my high awareness of myself and my clients.

Fast Forward…

Many experiences later, I decided to become a qualified supervisor for the State of Florida, My goal was to help “newbies” to the counseling field feel really safe. I want to help them be the best therapist they can be…and be able to ask questions and work on their anxiety, fears, and impostor syndrome feelings without feeling judged.

Sound good? Then give me a call. Let me help you get become the amazing therapist you were meant to be.