Laura Lyn Zane M.A., L.M.H.C

Florida Licensure MH1094


I’m Laura, a licensed therapist in the State of Florida and owner of Sage Synergy. If you’re willing to dive deep and
do some personal work to get through to a better you, you have found the right place in Sage Synergy! I will help you
heal, feel happier and enjoy life again. I’ll bring the tea, you bring a willing heart, mind and soul.

Oh, and here is the technical stuff:

My Education and Experience

I graduated from the University of South Florida in 2002 with a Master’s Degree in Mental Health and School Guidance Counseling. Following graduation, I worked at several non-profits, spent 10 years with Sarasota County Schools as a Guidance Counselor and have over 13 years experiences providing 1:1 counseling with adults and children. As a Qualified Mental Health Supervisor from the state of Florida and having previously done professional team building, I serve as a leader in the among my peers. I am a life-long learner, attending continuing education courses to stay current on the latest research of the various issues. I have been trained and am knowledgeable in various treatment and modalities including, but not limited to: Perinatal Mood Disorders, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Emotional Freedom Technique, Solution-Focused Therapy, Play Therapy, Art Therapy, and many others. My experience has given me specialties in anxiety, depression, Highly Sensitive People and women’s issues.

MY Theory:

In addition to my training, I tap into my deep spirituality to help your heal soul wounds. I believe we all have an innate ability to help ourselves heal, and that through collaboration with knowledgeable healers, we do so much more quickly than we would alone. Due to this belief, I work closely with both eastern and western medical providers to help create a truly individualized treatment plan.

Featured/Recognized as:

Laura is recognized as a highly sensitive aware therapist on Elaine Aron’s website:

Featured In Sex Talk with Erika Miley: Episode 31:

Laura has been featured twice on Maternally Yours, a radio show in Sarasota, Fl. that focuses on maternal health.

Verified by Psychology Today: