When you embrace your sensitivity, you become empowered!

They say “you’re too emotional” or “you’re just too sensitive!”

You constantly worry about the needs of others and put yourself last. Your effort to please others is leaving you drained.

The demands of life are causing you to feel exhausted….All. Of. The. Time.

“Overwhelmed” and anxious doesn’t even begin to describe life right now.

Each day you are fighting depression and anxiety, just to do everyday tasks.

You feel like “If only I could remember who I was.”

What would it be trust yourself and your intuition?

Imagine embracing your true self amidst the chaos around you. You would balance your responsibilities, nurture your creative soul, and still manage to have a little fun.

Through working with me to do holistic counseling, it can be done!

So, what are you waiting for? We’ve got work to do!